About our Firm


Steven R. Pines, Certified Public Accountant, is a full-service financial support company that has been operating in California for thirty years.

We approach every client based upon his/her own particular set of financial needs by setting specific financial objectives and then creating a set of strategies designed to meet these objectives. Our firm is especially qualified to assist clients in their endeavors in the entertainment industry. The firm has many associates and clients who work and render services in motion pictures, entertainment and real estate.

Our office has a staff of Eleven people performing bookkeeping, television/film production accounting, tax preparation and planning, and business management. Also available are consultants retained by the firm to assist in various foreign taxation and computer programming and design.

Steven R. Pines, Certified Public Accountant, recognizes that its most important product is prompt and effective service of the highest quality. The highest level of skills available in our firm will be brought to bear on the servicing of your company's needs.

Our Team

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